RD200 is a Smart Radon Detector made in South Korea. The RD200 has 20 times higher sensitivity than the other handy radon detectors. RD200 has the dual structured pulsed-ionization chamber system and highly accurate detection circuit designed by FTLab’s own technology. A time for the first reliable data display is just <1 hour, so no longer need to wait a long time, 24~48hours.

RadonEye+ is developed to connect web database and IoT system so there is few barrier to check the measurement data. Manufacturer provide web database https://www.radon-net.com and user can connect the data every time, everywhere by smartphone or internet connected desktop.

RadonEye+ provides Remote Radon Monitoring Network Service. You can check radon value in the web browser by registering the registration key which is given when you access the radon-net.com website when setting the app. You can also check the local radon value at any time through Radon Map.